Telugu Calendar :

Major Festivals and Holidays in Telangana State

Today, everyone wants to get the important details about the festivals, holidays and others by using the easy to go calendar and there are different organisations that produce the regional calendar for their official site. But if you talk about Telugu Calendar, it is generally meant for Telugu speaking people with the regional language and not everyone is able to understand because of the limited reach.

Here, we have brought to you the calendar that is very helpful for the users to view the festivals, holidays, important dates and others in English Language. This Telugu calendar is ideal for the people living in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Value of Calendar:

Whenever you want to celebrate the occasion, you can see this calendar and know the best timing for it. The calendar shows the important details about the festival you wish to celebrate. In this way, you can know the popular festivals celebrated in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. You can see the Telugu festivals and important dates too. The calendar is completely available in Telugu.

Importance of Calendar:

You can check the availability of the festival in the current year and try to keep some important things in mind. You can know about the festivals and other important things with the help of the best resource.

You can also search about each and every detail within a minute in this calendar. You can see the Panchagam details that are printed inside the calendar.

The better timing for Pooja or the Rahukalam details can also be known from this calendar. You can get any festival information as soon as possible with the aid of this useful thing.

Why we should follow this Calendar:

The calendar is designed with the daily paksha, tithi, nakshatra, sunrise, sunset, Yamagata and so on. You can make the search to find the best festival celebrated in these states. You can make use of the calendar to see the important festivals and holidays.

If you want to see the important festivals, you can check it on the calendar. You can get the important dates at the ideal time, you can use the perfect Telugu calendar and get the information very quickly.

With the correct information, you can get ready to make the best plan for celebrating the occasion. Even this is helpful to get the festivals details, important timings and others throughout the year.

You can ensure the holiday details and important dates of the occasion with this. You can also enjoy celebrating the famous occasions like sammakka saralamma jatara, Bonalu, Bathukamma, and others.

States that speak this Language:

It is helpful for the people of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and others living outside these states. The people are able to see the Telugu festival as well as other festivals with this calendar. And the major highlight is the Language being Telugu for easy and quick understanding by regional people.

So, if you too wish to get the details of Festivals and Celebrations around you in Telugu, get hold of this Calendar.