Tamil Calendar June 2019

Tamil Calendar June 2019

Tamil Calendar June 2019

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Tamil Calendar for Ethnic People

Tamil People are mostly found in Tamilnadu, the UT of Puducherry and other regions where Tamil is the part of regional language. Having the wide population approximately counting to 76 million in India, they form almost 5.91% of total Indian Population and that’s the reason they need their specialized Tamil Calendar too!

This Tamil Calendar help them to know about Nalla Neram, Mahurtha Neram, Rahu Kalam, Tamil Mahurtham, Good timings, Bad Timings etc. with their religious aspects.

Value of Calendar:

Tamil Calendar shows them the references to their religious events plus helps them in getting the astrologically correct timings for auspicious Functions.

Most commonly based on the Moon and Star Positions, it is traditionally followed by whole Tamilian Group.


Also, provides details of months – January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December with 52 weeks of a year details.

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