Hindu Calendar :

Panchanga- the other name of Hindu calendar

First developed in the ancient times, dating back to around 1200 BCE and majorly used in the Regions of India, Nepal, Bali, the Hindu calendar is the most helpful resource of information for Hindus living worldwide. This calendar usually varies according to regions and reckons the dates for

Hindu Festivals.

Designed by keeping the movement of Sun and Moon in mind, this Hindu calendar offers a unique structure like solar days and months verses lunar days and months.

Value of Calendar:

The Hindu calendar is made based on the lunar months and hence one can know which festival is based on which respective Lunar Month. The most valued calendar in terms of Hinduism is Vikram Samvat where the New Year starts with the marking of spring.

Even the Indian National Calendar that is also known as Saka Calendar was redesigned based on Hindu Calender.

This was invented by Hindu Scholars where they use to note the movements of Sun, Moon and Other Planets for the great future predictions.

Importance of Calendar:

Having its relevance in northern, western and central regions of Indian Subcontinent, the design of Hindu calendar is taken from the ancient Jewish one and thus also emphasize on various regional rituals and festivals.

Talking about the astrology and zodiac signs, this Calendar focus well on these aspects.This Calendar was basically made for the purpose of Time Keeping where the fine track was maintained about the movement of astronomical objects in space, and thus that was used to predict important information about days and other rituals.

Being Part of one of the most ancient techniques, the Hindu calendar holds a unique importance in Indian History and is still widely popular because of its scientific approach.

Why we should follow this Calendar:

Made with accuracy and technique, the Hindu calendar often adds an extra month after every few years to maintain the integrity. So, this makes it possible to make everything fall in proper season and appropriate time.

One can know everything about the popular and regional festivals like Holi, Diwali, Shivratri, Vaisakhi, Rakhi, Durga Pooja, Janamashtmi, Pongal, Onam etc.

Even other events that focus more on Rituals and Fastings are highlighted in this Hindu Calendar.

States that speak this Language:

India and Nepal being the Primary Users of this Hindu Calendar since old times, now many other states have also started using this Calendar for important information.

Based on the deep knowledge of astronomy, this calendar consist of 12 Lunar Months that are as follows:

Months in the Hindu Calendar
Lunar Months Solar (civil) Months
Chaitra Mīna
Vaisakha Meṣa
Jyeshtha Vṛṣabha
Ashadha Mithuna
Shraavana Karkaṭa
Bhadra Siṃha
Ashvin Kanyā
Kartik Tulā
Agahana Vṛścika
Pausha Dhanu
Magha Makara
Phalguna Kumbha
12 Solar Months

Other than these given Lunar Months, there are also Solar Months that are named as different zodiac signs and also called as Civil Months. These are most commonly used for civil purposes.

Highlighted Version of 2018 Hindu calendar is as follows