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MILLER GRAY Originating IP: Okt an mich Hi Lena I'll love to read a lot from you with this we can know each other better. How are you doing? I hope all is well with you. I am happy to read from you I hope that by God grace we can work things out as the future has something good for us.

I am a generous and honest man who like to meet people with good personality, people who are honest and sincere in everything they do.

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I like nature and animals, I like fun and try to overcome problems with humor and optimism. I respect people regardless of their Race and Language. It is not my expectation for a woman to be a servant or a slave to me by spending all her time doing the housework. I believe that there is give and take in a marriage and realize that at times its more convenience to do every other housework.

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It is my expectation for my wife to be faithful and honest to me as I will also be to her. I will make her a woman of honor and respect her. Please tell me more about yourself, as we continue. Enjoy socializing once in awhile however its not much fun doing things alone. I have numerous hobbies like, cooking, candy making is my specialty, love to travel to unknown places, occasionally reading a good mystery book, eating out, good coffee shops don't have any specific one, flower gardening, flea markets, craft shows, going for a moonlit walk, love the ocean.

There are so many things that I could share with someone. I would give my eye teeth to be given the chance to do that.

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As a young teen I lived in Seattle, Washington for a year and then lived in Albany, I move to Florida in I've been here ever since. Some of my favorite foods are Chicken Alfredo, Shrimp of most any type, some sea foods, sal, homemade potato soup, chocolates, Strawberries.

On weekends, I usually lite a nice scented candle, sip on a cup or 2 of coffee and just lounge around the house. I live a simple life, I'm only interested in, whats in your heart and if possibly you might share It with me. I do not ask for a lot of anything.

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May God bless and shelter you always. Yours Sincerely, Miller Lena Fuchs Nov an MILLER Schnuckilein Hello, thank you for your detailed. I'm so sorry that I could not answer you sooner. My PC was broken. I had him taken to the shop today and get only again. You tell me, I really said thank you for the great photos of you?

I think not. So, many thanks for the great photos of you. You look really hot in the uniform.

So what makes me horny. No, really, a guy in uniform makes me really sharp. And cook willste for me?

But, tell me, why do you want me seven, when I'm in the bathroom? I do not get quite so.

Yes, yes, to me everything is fine so far. Can not complain worse. With you also? As for the sincerity and honesty, so here I am to you in every way. I am determined exactly as honest and sincere as you I swear! You produce sweets? How cool is that??? I mean, you're making candy?

Or chocolates?

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I eat for my living! In fact, I love seafood. Freshly cooked crabs are also a poem. And potato gratin!

If that is seasoned well, I do not need meat to it. Maybe a salad. I once made potato pumpkin gratin. This was absolutely delicious.

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I also like sal. Especially if there is rocket. With me around the corner, there is an Italian who makes a super delicious pizza carpaccio with rocket and parmesan wafer thin on top. That is something of delicious. The stupid is that this Italian Restaurant at the end of the month closes down. He's the only one here for miles, offering pizza carpaccio.

All the others have not. He goes to Flensburg, wants to open a restaurant there. But because ner carpaccio pizza I can not drive km to Flensburg.

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I asked myself whether I need to get hung up before the end of the month and there eat this pizza carpaccio. Then I can not see the end of the month and is good.

Then he can emigrate from me to Timbuktu. Favorite colors I have not so far. But for lingerie I prefer red and black.

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It always looks sharp. I was at a photo shoot in the Sahara, in the rainforest, in the eternal ice.

I have seen much. Everywhere there are black sheep. This is no different here than anywhere else. Greetings Lena Hallo Schnuckilein, vielen Dank für deine ausführliche E-Mail. Es tut mir ja so leid, dass ich dir nicht eher antworten konnte. Mein PC war kaputt. Ich hatte ihn zur Reparatur gebracht und heute erst wieder bekommen.

Starte deine lovestory. kostenlos.

Du, sag mal, habe ich mich eigentlich schon für die tollen Fotos von dir bedankt??? Ich glaube nicht. Also, tausend Dank für die tollen Fotos von dir. So was macht mich total an. Nee, wirklich, ein Kerl in Uniform macht mich richtig scharf. Und kochen willste für mich auch??? Aber, sag mal, warum willst du mich sieben, wenn ich im Bad bin? Das verstehe ich nicht so ganz. Ja, ja, mit mir ist alles in Ordnung soweit.

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