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Der Wowhead Client ist eine kleine Anwendung, die wir benutzen, um unsere Datenbank aktuell zu halten und um dir einige hübsche Extras auf der Website zu bieten! Live PTR. Classic TBC. Kommentare Kommentar von Stay to the west of the road, and take him to Kommentar von agas you have to take him to Kommentar von This quest is a pain unless you cheat a bit. The NPC follows you not a predefined routeso all you need to do is to keep away from the road while escorting him to Maestra's Post.

That way you can fight the lowish mobs in the woods, one by one, instead of going through the scripted battles I don't remember how many there are, but at least two, both with three mobs. Completed at level 18, failed on level 17 since I didn't stay far enough from the road near Maestra's Post make sure you take the longer route:.

Kommentar von DarkFerret Tried this quest at level The ambush in Darkshire was easy, but the one in Ashenvale was too hard. Both times I followed the road, I got 3 warlocks.

Der schläfer ist erwacht

The guy you're escorting can't take 3 shadowbolts, and as a melee class I couldn't engage all 3 warlocks before they killed him. It's interesting trying to watch someone that's following you path through the mountains, though I don't know why Blizzard made this escort quest where the NPC follows you, yet almost every other one you have to follow them. Kommentar von Catalyze He is found at 44, 76 Grove of the Ancients in Darkshore. Next to him is the box which contains the horn that you HAVE to have to keep wakening him on the quest route. He will fall asleep and you have to waken him up each time.

The quest giver Onu is with him in that area also.

Kommentar von Remember to get the horn before leaving! Kommentar von This quest is more turned to melee classes, the only good reward you have is the shield. Anyway, it is easy to complete and it gives good xp, so i advise you all to do it. Just keep off the ro and keep waking him up, i did it at the first time, very, very easy, only had to fight a nightstalker right on the beggining, just be careful not to aggro other mobs.

Kommentar von Kerlonian Evershade acts as a pet in defensive stance, and will support you in battles. He will follow you throughout the quest, and is not set to an automatic path.

Wow: so fühlt sich classic für einen wow-veteranen an

You can use him as an advantage for battling multiple mobs, if you'd like to use him that way Kommentar von Since you got 25 min to complete this quest, it will be a good idea to do the quest "One Shot, One Kill" while you have Kerlonian Evershade to help you fight. After you accept this quest go to 45,90 and take the quest there. You have to protect the girl from the mobs and when she's safe you can complete both quests at Maestra's Post. Easy xp. Kommentar von REMEMBER: if you do this quest in a group ALL of you must get the horn to turn it in.

If you don't get the horn, you can't turn it in. Good Luck! Kommentar von Don't stick to the road those locks at the end are a pain in the ass if your not a healer even at 23 with my ghostsaber cat at 23 i still failed because they hit him once with shadowbolt then the fire dot finished him off.

Kommentar von empfeix I just completed this quest and received rep for Darnassus.

Wowhead says you receive reputation. Kommentar von This quest are easy to the shamans Because shaman has a lot of healing skill with a lot of HPand make sure the NPC's is still keep alive.

Andif ambushed, the shaman just use the earth totem that has effect to reduce damage melee and slow their movement Unfortunetely, only Draenei who allowed be the Shaman What the pathetic Kommentar von Thebarron Don't know if anyone else had this problem, but with the addon 'Questhelper' my client would crash when i picked this quest up, and as soon as i logged in with this quest in my quest log. Easily fixed by disabling it.

Kommentar von As an 18 Druid I found the hibernate function particularly useful with the usual questee annoyance of attacking everything close at hand. But he was good enough to follow in the wide path around the snoozing mob. Kommentar von Rarehunter I took a liking to this quest because the sounds used is exactly the same as the druids in WC3. Kommentar von completed at lvl 19 after trying 2 times Kommentar von Raithon Isn't it funny how other players just sit and watch while you struggle with 3 mobs that are 2 to 3 levels higher than you?

Kommentar von This is actually a reference to a quest you have to do in Warcraft: RoC. You must find the Horn of Awakening in order to awaken the sleeping druids so that they may fight back against the invading Scourge. This is the part of the Lore where the druids wake up from they're slumber since the Sundering I think. Only the people that have played Warcraft RoC would get the connection, so a nice little tid bit for you lore fiends that haven't played the original games :D. Kommentar von So don't be lame like me and do this in a group thinking only one person needs the horn!

Everyone in the group needs the horn! If you are in a group and you get to Maestras Post to find you forgot the horn, don't worry. You have more than enough time to run back to Onu, grab the horn, and run back to Maestras Post for turn in. I found this out the hard way. And the horn is in a box right beside the sleeping dude by Onu. Kommentar von vanleeuwenhoek The quest title is also a reference to Dune. Kommentar von F0resT How to finish this quest.

Kommentar von Does anyone have a list of the various quotes he says or emotes he does when falling asleep? Right now I am working on an addon that will alert people when events requiring attention happen during an escort quest but I need to know what the NPCs say for it or what emotes they perform. In the comments on "A Little Help From My Friends" there is a list of the quotes for when the NPC faints, I would like to see something similar for this quest, and for "Wandering Shay" and eventually any other quests of this nature, where there's a chance you might miss an event happening that you have to react to.

Kommentar von Deorc Be careful to not get too far ahead of the guy. I was almost at Maestra's Post I could see it just ahead and too late I realised Kerlonian has stopped for a sleep. As I had gotten too far away, I failed. My point is, stay near Kerlonian and watch your chat box carefully unless you want to run all the way back to Grove of the Ancients and get the quest again.


Kommentar von After finally finishing this quest managed to avoid any supriseswhen going back to Darkshore I kept looking behind and on the chat to make sure this guy didn't fall asleep. Kommentar von easily solo'd while folowing the road perfectly as a lv 21 feral cat druid.

Kommentar von Matman Saved more than a few babies from being punched any further; well done. Der Schläfer ist erwacht. Oh, I am so happy Kerlonian made it! And I'm sure I'll find him sleeping somewhere around here, won't I? IsQuestFlaggedCompleted Denk bitte an Folgendes, bevor du kommentierst: Dein Kommentar muss auf Deutsch sein, oder er wird entfernt. Nicht sicher, wie man kommentiert? Hier geht es zu unserer praktischen Anleitung! Wenn du eine schnelle Antwort wünschst, dann stell deine Fragen am besten in unseren Foren.

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Mit Wowhead verbinden. Horn der Erweckung 1. Begleitet Kerlonian Schattenspiel nach Maestras Posten.

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Der Wowhead Client ist eine kleine Anwendung, die wir benutzen, um unsere Datenbank aktuell zu halten und um dir einige hübsche Extras auf der Website zu bieten!


Ich war auf dem Weg zu Maestras Posten, um meine Wenigkeit mit Liladris Mondbach zu treffen, als ich beschloss, Gegenwart anzuhalten und ein kurzes Nickerchen zu machen.


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